How To Make A Seat Cushion – Complete Guide

It is known by everyone that seat cushion is relatively costly. That is why a lot of people want to make it by themselves. If you have enough time then you can make it since making the seat cushion is not that tough. What you need is patience.

In this article, I will try to explain how you can make the best seat cushion by yourself without spending a lot of cash and get exactly the look you want. What you need to do is to read the article until the end very carefully. If you miss any point by any chance, you cannot make the cushion and end up with nothing but trash. So be attentive while reading his article and after completing the reading, start making.

What will you need?

  • Foam cushion– The first thing you will need is a cushion foam. The thickness depends on you. Try to purchase a cushion with 3 inches thick. Also, be careful about the size. Buy the foam that is at least width and length of your seat. Remember, if it is bigger, you can adjust it, but if it is smaller, you cannot fix it anymore.
  • Fabric– The second thing you will need is fabric. Take whatever fabric you like to add to your cushion. Just make sure it is durable and it is comfortable.
  • Needle and thread– You need perfect needle and thread for making your seat cushion perfectly. Sometimes you might think it is silly but when you sewing you will understand how perfect need it.
  • Electric knife– You need an electric knife because the electric knife has two serrated blades it will help you to cut cloth.
  • Scissors– You should take scissors beside the electric knife and it will need for different times to ease your task.
  • Sewing Machine– You will not have to spend too much money on it but you need a sewing machine for sewing your cushion.
  • Ruler and measuring machine– I forgot to tell you also need a ruler and measuring machine. Ruler machine will help you to cut perfectly and measuring machine will help you to pick the perfect size.
seat cushion

How To Make The Seat Cushion

Now let’s move on to our main part. In this part, you will get the guideline on how to make a seat cushion. So prepare yourself and be focused on this part.

Cut Your Foam

First of all, you will have to cut your foam. In order to do that, the best option for you to take the measurement of the seat first. So take your seat measurement and subtract around half an inch on each side in order to give your finished cushion a little bit wiggly.

Now cut the foam using your electric knife. Actually, I am recommending electric knife because this is the best way to cut the foam. And this is the easiest way to cut the foam. If you do not have an electric knife, you can use a hack saw as well. In that case, it will be a little bit difficult to cut the foam. You are done cutting your foam.

Cut The Fabric

Once if you have completed cutting your foam, it is time to cut your fabric. In order to do that, take the length of the fabric at first. Now, take the measure of your cushion plus 1x the thickness of the foam. For example, if your foam is 25 inches length and the thickness of the foam is 3 inches then you should measure 28 inches fabric.

Now take the depth of the foam plus 1-inch seam plus half of the thickness of the foam X 2 so that it can wrap around the foam and at the same time you will have the seam in the back. For example, if the depth of your foam is 12 inches and thickness is 2 inches then you should measure (12+1+1) X 2= 28 inches.

Now cut it perfectly. Remember, your cushion will be as perfect as your cutting is. So focus more and do it perfectly.

Fold And Sew The Fabric

Fold the fabric over in the half-length wise in order to face in the good side of your fabric. Now starting at one edge make the straight edge at the one end. You might use binder keeps as well as pins to hold the fabric in the place. This will help. Then measure for your length of the fabric from one end to another end and then cut.

Now using the sewing machine, sew down the fabric edge of each end by using a half inch seam. Also, by using a fabric marker, trace the folded edge of the cushion cover.

Make The Seam Ready For The Box Corner

With your sewn fabric, pinch your top layer and pull it over until the marked edge and sewn seam line up exactly. Place the pins and along the seam as well as through all the layers of fabric in order to hold your seam to that marked edge on the opposite side.

Measure That Box Corner

Using the ruler, slide that down from that corner you have created just now until those inches that are indicated on the ruler (from the one edge of the fabric to another,) level the thickness of the foam. With the fabric marker, mark a line along the edge of the ruler. Now, sew along the line that you have made by using the straight stitch and then cut the additional fabric off leaving around quarter an inch of the additional fabric. Do the previous step and this step at the other end of the cushion cover.

Put Your Foam Inside The Cover

Now it is time to put your foam inside the cushion cover. Before that, turn out the cushion cover right side. Then hold the corner of your foam and place it tightly against the inside of the box corner of the cushion cover.

Slide the cushion foam into the cushion cover. When you will get to the other end, just hold the corner of your foam and pull or push it tightly into the other corner of the box. This will take some time to fix it up, but make sure you have lined up the box corner with the foam corner.

Fold The Fabric

You are in the last part. In this part, you will need to fold those two raw edges of the fabric along that gap you have left in that seam to the inside of the cover. Pin those folded edges together and then hand-stitch that gap closed. You are done.

Additional Tips

If your seat is not rectangle or square and you want your seat cushion to fit in the seat then you should use paper. Take a sheet of paper and place it on the seat. Now by using a marker or pencil, trace around your seat’s perimeter. Now cut the paper and then cut your fabric based on the size and shape of the paper.

Final Remarks

I know it is time-consuming, and also some people find it a little bit difficult. But trust me, it is not that difficult. What you need is to follow the steps I have mentioned above and take time. You can do it easily. And you will save a lot of money for sure. Also, you can choose your favorite fabric and foam type.

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