How To Make A Window Seat Cushion? – The Easiest Way

Custom upholstery is so pricey that a dream of a simple and cozy window seat cushion seems to be expensive. But the idea of a comfortable place beside your window is something that you should never let go. Making a window seat cushion is simpler than you ever thought. This DIY project can become a great pastime and save your money. Here we are going to break down how to make window seat cushion step by step. So let’s get started.

Basic Things You Need For How To Make A Dream Window Seat Cushion

Foam Cushion:

3-inch foam is enough for giving a cushion substantial look. You will be keeping a window seat cushion so make sure it is fitting well to the seat according to the length and depth. If it does not fit you have the option of cutting it down.

Good Quality Fabric:

A good quality fabric will be the game changer. Upholstery fabric with texture is most people prefer for their cushion. It adds texture to the cushion. Thick and durable quality fabric is the best option to go for a cushion.

Sewing Machine:

If you are not a professional on sewing with the machine then do not buy an expensive sewing machine. There is a chance that you may give up on the idea of making the cushion if you lose interest. So do not go for bigger investment if you are not committed. Go for a medium priced sewing machine which will do its job fine and not a long time investment.

Other Miscellaneous Things:

You will need Thread and needle for sewing things or making small additions. Measuring tape and ruler are small things but plays an important role. Scissor is also needed to cut the fabric of the cover. You will need an electric knife as well for cutting foam evenly.

The process of making window seat cushion may seem to be a little bit complex. But as you go with the flow it will come together and seem easy. At the end of the work, you will create something fun. It is a great activity for the weekend as well. So get up and do it!

How To Make A Comfy Window Seat Cushion

Simple corner with window seat will change the look of your bedroom drastically. If you are book worm this area will be your happy place. Here is how you can make one for yourself.

Step 1: Cut your foam according to the dimension of your bench. Measure your bench first and mark the measurement on foam with a marker. This will help you to be sure with the cutting.  Cut the foam an inch larger than the measurement. The extra foam is for being extra sure with the measurement. Use an electric knife to cut your foam for clean edges. When you are done with cutting put the foam on your bench seat to see if it fits perfectly.

Step 2: Measure the cushion cover fabric according to the window seat.

For length, measure the length of the cushion and keep the thickness of the foam in your mind. If your cushion length is 95 inches long then add foam thickness of 3 inches with it. So the fabric should be 98 inches long.

Let’s denote the depth of your foam as x and thickness of your foam be y. Then, {x+(y÷2)+1}×2 inches will properly wrap around and you’ll have a seam in the back. For example, let’s say my cushion depth is 25 and my foam is 4 inches thick. So, with the formula we get, {25+(4÷2)+1}×2= 56 inches.

Step 3: After doing all the measurements cut the fabric accordingly. Create a straight edge imitating the shape of your bench.  After getting the edge right, measure for the depth and cut according to that.

Use binder clips for holding the long piece of your fabric. Fold your fabric in half according to length so that the good side is facing you. Measure the length from end to end and cut it according to the measurement.

Step 4: Sew all the edges you made and keep the seam at least ½ inches long. Then mark the entire folded edge of the fabric with a marker.

With your sewn fabric keep the good sides together. Then pinch the top layer of the fabric and pull the other part over until the sewn seam. The marked edge should line up at the same place.

When you do this pinching and pulling you’ll create something that looks like a new corner with the seam. The seam will be running diagonally from it.

Place binder clips or pins along your seam.  All layers of fabric should hold the seam to the marked edge on the opposite side.

Step 5: Use a ruler to slide it down from the corner that you just created until the inches indicated on your ruler (from one edge of the fabric to the other,) equal the thickness of your foam.

With your fabric marker, draw a line along the edge of your ruler now. Now sew the line you just made and cut the excess fabric on the corner. Repeat these steps again on the other side of your fabric to make another edge. After doing everything your cover should look like a big envelope.

Step 6: Stuff your foam in the open part of the fabric. Make sure the box corners of foam are lined up exactly on the corner of the cushion. Then place the cushion on your window seat. You still have to seam the unfinished side of the cushion.

To sew the unfinished edge, at one end fold the shorter edge so that it lays flat. Make this edge as you do to a wrapping paper. The way you wrap the gift wrap the cushion and sew it accordingly. For a flawless look turn over the cushion cover so the stitches don’t show up. Put some cushions on the window seat cushion to give it a comfy look.

Final Verdict

The process of making window seat cushion may seem to be a little bit complex. But as you go with the flow it will come together and seem easy. At the end of the work, you will create something fun. It is a great activity for the weekend as well. So get up and do it!

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