How To Make Cushion Covers Without Zips – Simple Step

Are you looking for replacing the cushion cover of your chair or car seat or others? Do you want to make it by yourself but don’t know how to do it?

Or you are bad sewer like me but still, want to make the cushion cover? If yes then you are in the right place. I will tell you how you can do it by yourself. Many people think it is so tough. Actually, it is so tough when you will make a cushion cover with zipper. Attaching zipper is somehow difficult.

So if you are in the first stage, I will suggest you make a cushion cover without zips. This will help you practice your sewing ability and at the same time, you will do it easily.

That is why in this article, I am going to tell you how you can make an amazing seat cushion without zips. What you need to do is to read the article until the end very carefully because if you miss any part, you might end up with an incomplete cushion cover. So read carefully and here we go.

The Things You Will Need

  • Fabric – Choose any type of fabric you like to make the cover. It should be good looking, comfortable and at the same time durable.
  • Cushion forms or polyester fiberfill– Use polyester fiberfill because it is a synthetic fiber and it is used for stuffing the pillow and something like that so you can use it easily.
  • Ironing board– You used this ironing board for making a pillow. When you trying to making a pillow you need a board where you take your pillow and make it.
  • Iron– Iron will help you to straight your fabric and measure it perfectly. Iron will also help you to make it easier.
  • Measuring tape– You use measuring tape for measured fabric and also the sewing position of a fabric.
  • Fabric scissors– You will use fabric scissors for cutting fabric and joint it where need.
  • Fabric Marker– Fabric marker will help you to find the perfect path of a fabric where you will cut and where you sewing.
  • Sewing machine–Sewing machine will need for sewing fabric for the variant level. You have no need for the costly sewing machine, you can use a cheap sewing machine for it.

How To Make Cushion Covers Without Zips

Step 1:
First of all, prewash the fabric you have for the cushion and dry it. It is important. After drying it, iron it carefully. Why do you need to iron it? Because a wrinkled fabric cannot give you a good and best cushion cover. So do it.

Step 2:
Now measure the width and length of the cushion pad. Here I will give you a tip that if you want to stuff your cover with fiberfill then measure the width and length of your seat for what your cushion is intended.

Step 3:
It is time for cutting the fabric. While cutting, try to add 1 and a half inches to your cushion cover length. Why do you need to do this? Here one inch for seam allowance for your cover along with all the sides and the other half inch for the fulfillment of the cushion pad.

In the same way, while cutting the width, multiply the width by two and add 1 and a half inch for cushion fulfilled and seam allowance.

Step 4:
Now draw the size on the fabric using a pencil or fabric marker. If you think this part is difficult to take measurements and draw then you can use a paper. Take a sheet of paper and put the cushion pad on it. Then draw the line around the cushion pad. This will make it easy. Then cut the paper and put the paper on the fabric. Now as I said, cut the fabric by using a scissor.

Step 5:
Fold your rectangular fabric piece in half along the width of the fabric with the right sides together. This is because those two short ends of your cut fabric can match up and also, those two side edges can be aligned. Now pin all those three sides together via both of the layers of the fabric. The last sides I mean the fourth one of the cover is formed by your fold.

Step 6:
Now it is time for sewing. Thread the sewing machine and fit it to the straight stitch. Then sew a couple of rows of stitches on the scrap fabric and adjust your stitch length and tension if you need.

Sew along those three pinned sides leaving a half inch seam allowance. Begin sewing as near to the folded side of the fabric as you can get. Then backstitch for half an inch prior to continuing with the seam side. When you will get to half an inch from your second side of your cushion cover, pause the sewing with the machine needle down. Now lift your pressure foot and pivot your fabric in 90 degrees. After that, lower your pressure foot and then continue sewing. Do the process once again when you will get to half an inch from your third side edge of the cushion cover.

Step 7:
Fully stop the sewing when you see you are 3-5 inches from your folded edge and having sewn seams around those three sides of the cover. Then backstitch for around half an inch in order to secure the seam end. Remove your cushion cover from the machine and do trim any threads that show loose.

Step 8:
Try to trim all of the four corners of the cushion cover. Try to cut close. But do not cut into the stitches at the side seams corners. If you do this, it will ensure that your seam will lie flat all the time at the corner when you will turn your cushion cover right side out.

Step 9:
Now, turn your cushion cover right side out via the gap you have left in the seam side. Put your cushion through that gap of the seam. Or if you have fiberfill then you have to insert the handfuls of the polyester fiberfill into your cushion cover until you achieve your desired fulfilled.

Last Part:
Now fold just two raw fabric ends along the gap you have left in the seam side to the inside of your cushion cover. Now pin your folded edges together and then hand-stitch that gap closed by using neat and small slipstitch so as so the hand sewn part of aligns off the seam side along with the machine sewn part. You are done.

Final Remarks

As you can this is not that tough at all. All you have to do is follow the steps I have mentioned. If you cannot understand any part by reading this article then you should watch videos on YouTube. That will help you understand the process better. However, if you have basic knowledge then you will surely do that by yourself by reading this article.

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